The Complete Guide to Buying a Pocket Watch

With the new love of antique fashion from all eras, there is no wonder that the popularity of pocket watches is on the rise. However, pocket watches are still a significant way to make a statement.

Despite being unessential for modern living, they make unique gifts, especially when engraved and they can also be a practical solution for sports coaches or medical staff and for people in certain hands-on professions.

Pocket watches can be a charming and dapper compliment to an outfit for a formal event, especially when you are trying to dress differently or when you are rocking a vintage look.

Whether you want to buy a pocket watch for everyday use or as a gift for your loved ones, there are a few practical considerations that you need to know before buying the one. Similarly, a pocket watch guide helps you to pick the perfect pocket watch.

buying pocket watch

Important things to consider when buying a pocket watch

If you are looking to buy a pocket watch, there are two important decisions to make, the look and the mechanism of a watch. Similarly, buying a pocket watch can be difficult, but a pocket watch guide is helpful in choosing the right one.

The first step before you decide which pocket watch you want to buy, just to take a second and think about why you want the pocket watch. Similarly, if you want to buy to look good because they are aesthetically pleasing, then there are a few factors to consider.

The second important thing to decide before you buy a watch is whether you want a mechanical or a quartz pocket watch. However, if you are planning to use your pocket watch on a regular basis, then Brelsen sleek silver analogue quartz pocket watches are more practical as their battery can last as long as two years and are available in all sorts of variations. On the other hand, mechanical watches have a more classical appearance but operating this type of watch is slightly technical.

Here are few things to consider before buying a pocket watch:

  1. Condition

For any timepiece, the dial is the money maker; that’s why always look at in-depth to detect blemishes and scratches. Similarly, broken joints, small marks or missing screws can be easily fixed, but apparent dents and missing components will prove to be a costly mission in order to restore.

Another important thing ensure that the gears of the watch are made of metal instead of plastic because this will last much longer. Important elements such as the bezel, the component on the metal case that holds the crystal dial in place, should be accurate and free from any damage.

  1. Always buy pocket watches from a reputable brand

It is always recommended to buy pocket watches from a reputable brand or manufacturer because watches from a reputable manufacturer tend to be longer-lasting and higher in quality. However, it is also recommended that if you purchase your watch from a brand, they make sure that the product can be returned if necessary repair and maintenance is required.

Similarly, well-known brand names use the best materials and movements to give the watches reliability and longevity and these are very important factors to help their wearer to be punctual.

  1. It is necessary to choose the right kind of movement

Typically, pocket watches are generated by hand-wound mechanical movements because these movements were used in the very first pocket watches, but nowadays, these movements are used to give the wearer a sense of tradition and allow them to feel as they are handling a piece of watchmaking history.

Now with the invention of automatic and quartz movements, you have your own choice of which kind of movement you want to choose as different kinds of movements are suited to different lifestyles. So, it is important to assess your own needs and choose the right kind according to your own needs.

  1. Design

Some pocket watches are very decorative, whereas some are much simpler, so the amount of decoration on a pocket watch is entirely up to your taste. Similarly, some people like their pocket watches to be incredibly decorative so that they can be proudly shown off when they remove them from their pocket to check the time.

While other people prefer a simple finish with a touch of subtlety. Hence, there are no standard recommendations for this because it totally depends on the person’s choice, style and preferences when buying a watch.

  1. You must consider what material is best for your pocket watch

When buying a pocket watch, it is important for you to consider which material is perfect for your own lifestyle, similar to buying any decorative item. For instance, materials such as stainless steel are great to wear. On the other hand, some people may prefer a luxurious gold case, but the drawback of this beautiful metal is that sometimes it can be scratched easily because it is slightly soft.

Hence, the suitable material for a pocket watch entirely depends on how you intend to use your timepiece. So, always remember to check the material of your pocket watch before buying that if it suits your lifestyle.

  1. It is important to choose which type of pocket watch is perfect for you

There are various different types of pocket watches that you need to know before buying your watch because different types will appeal to different people, so the choice is entirely dependent on a personal preference.

Some pocket watches focus on utility and few others truly exhibit the beauty of the wearer. In recent years, designs and technologies have advanced that allow elaborated designs and incredibly precise modern movements to be featured in these pocket watches and these advancements make them appealing.

So, it is important to know the types of pocket watches before buying the perfect one for you and this pocket watch guide helps you to know each type in detail.

  • Open face pocket watch

This is one of the oldest and most traditional pocket watch designs as these watches are very simple and do not have a cover over a dial. However, this type of pocket watch allows people to check the time easily and quickly without needing to open the case. These days this style is quite common.

full hunter Brelsen Pocket Watch

  • Full hunter pocket watches

This type of pocket watch features a hinged cover that will protect the dial and this feature makes the watch more durable because it is less likely to get scratched when placed in a pocket. The cover often engraved on the outside comes with a variety of eye-catching and decorative designs.

demi half hunter Brelsen pocket watch

  • Half hunter pocket watches

This type incorporates elements from both the open face and full hunter designs, they have a hinged cover like the full hunter, but this cover has a transparent through which the time can be easily read without having to open the watch. Hence, this kind of pocket watch allows a quick reading of the dial with extra durability. You can choose Brelsen signature silver mechanical demi pocket watch.

brelsen double hunter mechanical pocket watch

  • Double hunter pocket watches

A pocket watch with the full cover on both sides and is often made with a skeleton dial and this allows the movement to be viewed from all angles, both the dial and a transparent case back. Similarly, these types of pocket watches tend to be focused mainly on aesthetics and they are a large style of the pocket watch to maximise their beauty.

Hence, if you want to go for a simple yet minimal style, then an open-face pocket watch is an ideal choice, but if you like something a little more decorated, then hunter-style might be more suited to your needs.

Therefore, pocket watches make an excellent addition to your outfit by providing a touch of timeless elegance. If you are interested in buying these classical timepieces, keep reading our pocket watch guide to find the perfect one for you.

  1. Ensure that it can accommodate your desired style

Pocket watches can be worn in a variety of ways and people have styled these timepieces in different ways for ease and style. Traditionally, men wear these kinds of watches on a chain in order to securely keep them in a pocket.

However, the way a pocket watch is worn reflects the personal style. So, it is important to consider whether a pocket watch has a chain or an attachment when buying it in order to make sure that it can accommodate your desired style.

  1. Consider the complication or additional features

Complications are far less common on pocket watches. Some people prefer their timepieces to have something extra. Although the complications that are featured on pocket watches are far from complex, they add some beautiful detail to the dial. But some people opt for a simple design because they believe that the simplicity of the dial makes them beautiful. It is entirely dependent on person’s taste. The complications are certainly something to consider when buying pocket watches.

  1. Consider the precious metals in your pocket watch

Indeed, precious metals always give luxury items a truly special feel and these metals are reserved for very important and unique watches. Precious metals are frequently used in pocket watches, but it ensure that the watches are long-lasting to be passed through generations. The cases of pocket watches are sometimes plated with yellow or rose gold or made entirely from silver, so it is important to consider the precious metals in your watch. Hence, Brelsen bronze analogue quartz demi pocket watch is a classical option if you like precious metal in your pocket watch.

  1. Carefully choose between vintage or modern style

Some people like vintage style timepieces for their timeless and classic sense of style, but on the other hand, others prefer modern and something sleek, both of these styles are magnificent on their own. The decision relies entirely on personal preference. So it is important to consider the style before buying which is best for you.

  1. Consider the dial of a pocket watch before buying

In recent years, skeleton dials have become a very popular addition to the style of these watches. Some people prefer this dial because they enjoy being able to observe the beautiful and powerful movements that keep their watches ticking. Although, some people would prefer a simple dial without any distractions. The choice to have a skeleton dial of your pocket watch is personal and it must be considered before buying.

Above all, pocket watches are a great reflection of personal style, so when buying your watch, you must consider these important things in order to get the perfect one for you. So, in order to make a statement of elegance, this pocket watch guide is helpful in making the right decision for you.

Why buy a pocket watch?

The demand for classic pocket watches was decreased after the invention of wristwatches, but over time, the desire for these traditional timepieces has increased and many modern watchmakers still build pocket watches. However, these watches are the symbol of tradition and always an essential aspect of daily accessorising.

In modern fashion, pocket watches are an item that can be paired perfectly with a suit for a formal occasion. Similarly, these elegant timepieces can be paired beautifully with a waistcoat and blazer for a timeless and traditional look, such as Brelsen retro bronze mechanical demi pocket watch. Therefore, a pocket watch can make an excellent addition to any watch collection and they are perfect for formal occasions and eye-catching and fun addition to modern styling.

In a nutshell, pocket watches have been an integral element of historical fashion. This pocket watch guide aims to provide valuable information in order to help you to enter the world of pocket watches and assist in deciding what is best for you. Similarly, Brelsen mechanical pocket watches have an antique look and feel and also make a perfectly unique gift for someone special.

When buying a pocket watch, there are many important things to consider and every person should assess their own needs before choosing their perfect pocket watch. So, if you are looking to buy a pocket watch, just take out a minute and read this pocket watch guide.