Are pocket watches out of fashion?

The truth is that the pocket watch fell out of favour when the military demonstrated the utility of the wristwatch during World War I. For nearly four centuries, the pocket watch had been the sole portable timepiece. Therefore, the wristwatch era began, and it has been with us ever since.

While in the meantime, a new time-telling gadget, the cell phone, has been created, and this multi-purpose device has unquestionably become the most popular time-telling device for many individuals.

However, when one might anticipate the wristwatch market to decline dramatically with the arrival of the mobile phone, the wristwatch appears to remain as popular as ever. It's no surprise, either. When it comes to telling time, the wristwatch has a clear advantage over the smartphone. You can tell what time it is by twisting your wrist - quick and practical!

The pocket watch, like the cell phone, has limitations in everyday use. To read the time, you must first reach into your pocket and pull it out, then open the cover. It's a little inconvenient when you know there's a better option.

Are pocket watches out of fashion now?

That's not the case. Here are some examples of modern-day pocket watches:

  1. Pocket watches as a statement of fashion

Although the pocket watch as a whole has fallen out of favour, our love for these unique mechanical timepieces has never faded.

A pocket watch can help you get that classy appearance for that particular occasion, even if it still looks good with a pair of blue jeans.

Whether it's for a wedding, birthday, reception, banquet, or anniversary, men are increasingly wearing pocket watches as a piece of jewellery to pair with a conventional men's suit, especially if it includes a waistcoat or vest.

The pocket watch, like other fashion items like ties, sunglasses, and hats, is a part of their clothing, even if they don't wear it very often.

  1. Consider it as an ideal gift idea

Wristwatches have always been a popular gift option. A loyal employee who receives a retirement wristwatch as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude from management after many years of service is a typical example.

Our pocket watches are obvious gift ideas for many occasions, including birthdays, holidays, Father's Day, weddings, and retirement.

The benefit of a pocket watch over a wristwatch is that you may add a fresh breath of horological history to it, and because of its larger size, it's especially appropriate for engraving and embellishment.

If you are thinking about giving a pocket watch as a present from Brelsen, the royal gold Double Hunter mechanical pocket watch versions might be worth exploring first because it's always fascinating to see how the movement inside works.

  1. It can be passed down generations as an inheritance

Many families have a pocket watch that was passed down from a departed member and has thus become a significant piece of family history.

It's only natural to maintain and appreciate an inheritance that, more than anything else, serves as a reminder of the passage of time and how it leaves its imprint.

  1. Those who collect

Pocket watches are difficult to avoid for serious watch collectors since they reflect so much of horological history.

Even if most collectors do not use pocket watches in their daily lives, they are nevertheless objects of admiration and intrigue, whether they collect them or merely learn about them.

  1. In the workplace

Railroading was on the rise in the United States throughout the final part of the nineteenth century, and the pocket watch became a required tool for railway employees in order to adhere to the timetable and avoid mishaps.

The hospital is one of the best instances of a job where individuals still use pocket watches on a daily basis. Nurses use a unique style of pocket watch as a pendant in their attire. These watches, also known as Fob Watches, are worn upside down to allow the wearer to tell time without having to touch the timepiece.

Nurses are prohibited from wearing any type of jewellery for sanitary reasons, and a Fob Watch is a perfect answer to this problem.

Pocket watches are still being manufactured

Today's pocket watches are made by a number of well-known and respectable watchmakers, including:

  • Patek Philippe

  • Brelsen

  • Tissot

  • Omega

  • Rolex

  • Audemar Piguet

  • Longines

The brands listed above are only a few of the many that still make pocket watches. And, while we're discussing whether pocket watches are outmoded or not, consider how the enduring popularity of the TV show Peaky Blinders has resulted in a shortage of pocket watches in Birmingham.

According to the newspaper, demand for vintage watches has risen as a result of the TV drama's influence on men's fashion. Now that the series has returned learn how to get the look for less by shopping for a Peaky Blinders pocket watch on the internet.

Peaky Blinders Pocket Watch

Driving sales of Peaky blinders pocket watch.

A growing number of men in the United Kingdom are adopting a three-piece suit style similar to those dressed by the Brummy gangsters in the series and styling with gold and silver antique peaky blinder pocket watch worn in the waistcoat pocket.

A Peaky Blinder pocket watch style is worn on a chain that is looped into a specifically constructed pocket after being connected to a buttonhole on a waistcoat. Further, they can be worn on either side, making them suitable for both left and right-handed people.

What are the various kinds of pocket watches?

There are a few key design aspects on peaky blinders pocket watches that influence how they are used and exhibited. Pocket watches are divided into four categories:

  • half-hunter

  • full hunter

  • double hunter

We have broken down the features of each peaky blinder pocket watch and linked it to some Amazon pocket watches selections that are all under £30! Similarly, the differences between open face, half hunter, and complete hunter pocket watches are explained in this article.

Pocket watch with open face

The time can be read without having to open the open-face pocket watch because it has no cover. They're pretty prevalent now, but they weren't as popular in the 18th and 19th centuries since the faces were easily destroyed. As a result, the whole hunter design was created.

Watch for full hunter pocket

TO MY SON” lion bronze full hunter pocket watch often has an engraved outer casing with initials or an image displayed on the face. Further, they can be inconvenient to use because the cover must be opened every time you want to check the time - which is why the half hunter pocket watch was created.

Pocket watch for the half hunter

The cover of the signature silver mechanical demi half-hunter pocket watch contains either a glass crystal or a hole that allows you to view the watch's hands without having to open it.

Pocket watch with double hunter

With a front face covered by a protective lid, onyx black double hunter mechanical pocket watch has many of the same features as the Full Hunter. The back of the pocket watch has a lid in a double hunter casing. Moreover, it is constructed in such a way that mechanical movement may be observed. It also implies that the pocket watch is self-contained.

Purchase peaky blinders pocket watch

If you want to join Cillian Murphy and try on the Peaky Blinders pocket watch for yourself, then new pocket watches are readily available on Amazon and other internet shops; older pieces are highly sought after.

eBay arguably has the best selection of second-hand vintage pocket watches in the UK — go there to see their current selection. Moreover, don't forget to look for a discount from your local independent jeweller. Meanwhile, while purchasing a used pocket watch, keep in mind that repairs might be very costly.

Brelsen Royal Gold Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch

What defines a pocket watch as valuable?

Adjustments, jewels, brand name, and whether or not the timepiece has been converted to a wristwatch are all factors in evaluating the worth of a pocket watch.

  • Adjustments:

The number of adjustments (i.e., the calibrations required to keep a watch functioning accurately regardless of the position in which it is held) increases the watch's worth.

  • Jewels:

Industrial quality gemstones used as gear bearings are referred to as jewels. Moreover, these reduce friction and, as a result, wear on the watch's inner mechanism. The higher the watch's quality, the more gems it will contain. Some have as many as 25. Further, collectors of pocket watches are on the lookout for high-jewel examples.

  • Brand name:

The watch's brand can have a significant impact on its worth. Early Patek Philippe & Co. or Tiffany & Co. pocket watch specimens, for example, will be worth more than many other brands. Some contemporary brands like Brelsen have made quite a stir in the market as well.

  • Conversion of pocket watches to wristwatches:

Some pocket watches have been converted to wristwatches. In general, modifying a watch reduces its value (and some enthusiasts are ardently against doing this type of conversion).

After conversion, several high-end brand conversions still sell for a high price. If it means that the owner will wear a prized timepiece instead of storing it, there's a compelling incentive for change.

Celebrities wearing pocket watches

What are you going to need while wearing a pocket watch?

  • Pocket watch of your choosing

  • Chain of your choice

  • The proper attire

Wear a pocket watch with a vest in a few different ways

There are plenty of ways to use a pocket watch with a vest. However, pay carefully, gentlemen, because some styles are only acceptable for specific situations. Either the bolt ring or the Albert T-bar will be used.

With the exception of the bottom-most buttonhole, which is frequently left undone, place the chain's fastening end in the buttonhole of your choice.

The double Albert style

The T-bar fastener for the double Albert must be placed in the centre of the chain rather than at the end. The chain will dangle on both sides of the vest in the shape of a W, rather than swinging from the buttonhole to only one side.

Connect one end of your watch and store it in your non-dominant hand's pocket. Moreover, connect the other end to something else, such as your keys or a money clip, and place it in your dominant hand pocket.

Using a timepiece fob

The majority of the time, watch fobs are worn with waistcoats or nice vests.

A drop is when the watch fob is hung from the buttonhole.

You can do a demi-drop and dangle the fob from the middle of the chain that drapes across the side of your vest with only one Albert.

Wearing a pocket watch without a vest

You can keep your pocket watch in your jeans pocket or the front pocket of your jacket or blazer if you don't have a vest. You can wear your pocket watch with a bolt ring, a belt slide, or by attaching it to a watch fob and dangling it from your pocket.

Place the watch in the breast pocket and tighten the fastener to the lapel pinhole from behind the lapel to connect it to a jacket or blazer.

I recommend utilising the bolt ring rather than the fancy Albert T-bar if you're going to wear a simple sports coat. The same can be said for non-formal gatherings related to work as well.

With formal wear

A tuxedo or a plain monochrome suit is a great place to experiment with your pocket watch.

This is the time to break out those double half hunters, double Alberts and sumptuous watch fobs that you've been avoiding in other settings.

When it comes to formal wear, the Albert T-bar is your quarterback. A gold chain is more traditional, while a stainless-steel or silver chain is much more trendy.

With casual wear

Because pocket watches are associated with old-world elegance, there are some guidelines for wearing one casually.

The most important thing is to keep things basic and updated.

For a genuinely casual look, I recommend storing your pocket watch in your jeans pocket. Wear the watch with a vest or sports coat for a smart casual look but avoid the fancy and Albert T-bar pocket watches.