How to use my Brelsen pocket watch

Thank you for choosing to purchase a Brelsen pocket watch. We really appreciate it, and will continue to do our best to innovate and improve our collection.

Now that you have the watch I'm sure, if you don't already, you would like to know how to use it. Here's our guide on how to use both our quartz and mechanical watches. They both work in a similar way but mechanical watches need a bit more explanation due to the way they are powered.



How to use Quartz Pocket Watches

Our range of quartz pocket watches are battery powered. This means there is no need to wind the watch up to use it. The battery powers the watch and all you need to do is set the time and know how to open the case. There is only one part of the watch that you can alter and that's the crown. Simply press the top of the crown to open the case. If you want to change the time, pull the crown from the base and turn it clockwise to set the time.



The only other thing that you need to know to use a quartz pocket watches is to change the battery. Most battery will last a very long time, and therefore this may not be a concern. But eventually you will need to change the pocket watch battery in order to continue to use it. We highly recommend that you go to your local jewelers or lock smiths to get this done, they have all the necessary tools and can do it for a good price. But if you do want to do it yourself here is how.

There will be a small cutout notch on the back cover of the pocket watch. Use a tiny flat head screwdriver or knife to pop off the back cover. Gently take out the white plastic piece that helps to hold the battery in place. Take the old battery out taking care to be gentle with the small lever that hold the battery in place. Replace the battery (and white plastic if applicable). Then snap the cover back onto the pocket watch. Please note pocket watch batteries may vary and so may the arrangement, but the principle is the same. It is advised to take the battery out the watch first to know which battery you should buy to replace it.



How to use Mechanical Pocket Watches

The operation of mechanical watches is very much the same as quartz watches in terms of setting the time and open the front and back cases. The only difference is in the mechanical movement which requires that you wind up the watch every day you want to use it. This only needs to be done once a day and last for around 40 hours, which is more than enough to cover a day out, or an occasion like a wedding.


how to use my mechanical pocket watch


As described in the diagram above, the mechanical watch needs to be wound by rotating the crown clock wise. This needs to be done until it feels tight, this typical takes around 20 clockwise rotations. Please do not over wind the watch! The great news is that mechanical watches never require a battery change, that's because they don't have one.


The below video shows how to set and wind your new mechanical pocket watch.




We hope you have found the above guide useful. If you have any questions of any kind please contact us via our contact page ( link at the bottom ) or using the live chat feature.




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