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Gold pocket wash

Great buy

To my husband watc

Lovely watch my husband really pleased with it. Gift for our anniversary.

Excellent. Thank you

21st gift

Lovely product.Very quick delivery.Tracking excellent.

"To My Husband" Silver Pocket Watch

"To My Son" Gold Pocket Watch
To My Son

This is very good and worth for presentation to my son. he loved the gift and wordning.

Wedding gift

My husband loved it. And it went well with his suit on our wedding day

A return to simplicity

Simplicity of my pocket watch affords a break from complexity of the so-called "modern age" -- "modernity" is a myth along the path of progress. -- Dr. Howe

Royal Gold Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch

pocket watch

this is beautiful my husband to be will be over the moon on our wedding day

Beautiful Timepiece

If looking for a retro style windable watch, this is an amazing piece. It’s impossible to rate this any less than 5 stars. The elegance and quality are unrivaled. If it had a back opening to view the movement I would give it 6 stars.

Amazing Watch and Leather Pouch

I could not be happier with the products, (watch and pouch), I purchased. The quality and craftsmanship far surpassed my expectations. Delivery was timely and the method of packaging was superb. I highly recommend Brelsen products, especially if you may be seeking a keepsake for many years.

My son

Beautiful watch

Silver pocket watch

Excellent watch thoroughly made up with it excellent quality

So pleased

I bought this for my friend for their birthday, they specifically asked for this one and I was thrilled to be able to get it for them. They love it!

Son’s Christmas Present

Bought the Royal Silver Watch as a gift for my Son.
Very pleased with my purchase. Had it engraved and now it looks every inch a classic timepiece.

Mostly pleased!!

I find the hour hand quite hard to see, as the white background is not wide enough, or the hand is not long enough to be visible against the white background. Otherwise I am pleased with the watch and appreciate the short time for delivery. Thank you and I would order again.

Tick tock

Keeping good time so far-nice x heavy-solid feel- the clear compressible “ crystal?” cover a surprise- we will see how it fares

It's great to have one of these!

I've always liked pocket watches, but have never had one. This Fall I took the plunge and bought this one. So far, it functions just as it should, and it is a pleasure to wear with a waistcoat. I like the fact that it is the mechanical version. I think it gains about two minutes over a period of a week. I have not done anything to adjust it, so far, as I want to be accurate on that. So, I'm giving it a few more weeks to see if it is consistently in error. A couple of minutes seems well within tolerance for a realitively inexpensive watch like this. I remember having to adjust clocks and wristwatches quite often, when I was younger.

Absolutely over the moon with it :) x

Nice watch

Works well - keeps time accurately.


We were very happy with the Pocket Watch. Very good quality.

This is absolutely beautiful

I got this pocket watch as a present for my brother and although he hasn’t gotten it yet I can say this is the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen, He is going to love it. Not only is it beautiful with how it looks but it’s also beautifully made it works perfectly and I really commemorate the people to made this watch they did an incredible job. :)

Christmas gift

It is a Christmas gift. Looks beautiful. However, just wrapped it and set it aside. Have no idea how it functions. Hopefully, it runs well.

Time will tell

A wonderful addition to any gentleman’s attire. Craftsmanship is high quality, keeps good time. I set it by a digital clock with a seconds read out, it has stayed true for over a week now to the second. Quite a bargain for the price.