Pocket Watches for Weddings, Grooms and Groomsmen

Whether you are a groomsman, the best man, a guest, or searching for a pocket watch for the groom himself, a timepiece from magnificent wedding collections will ensure an outstanding presentation on your big day. So, from elegant open-face watches to elaborate skeleton pocket watches, there is something for everyone.

You are sure to find the appropriate solution for your groomsmen's pocket watches, whether it is classic gold or stylish silver. Why not choose the perfect pocket watches for a wedding and customise them with our dedicated engraving service for a memorable gift?

The wedding season is here, and brides and grooms are making their way to the altar as the sun beams down and flowers bloom, resulting in some of the most stunning photographs and ceremonies ever seen.

Nowadays, it is customary for the bachelorette to surprise her husband with a gift that is as lovely as a ring and maybe kept forever. That gift is a timepiece as it is not just any groom pocket watch but one that will last decades. It will remind the groom and his descendants of a love story that will result in what most men can only define as their greatest accomplishment: the establishment of an empire - your family.

Pocket watches for weddings are often budgeted using the same three-month salary criterion as engagement rings. So, this isn't to imply that it is a hard and fast rule, but it has become increasingly common in recent years.

How to buy groom pocket watches?

We admire pocket watches because, to put it simply, they express elegance. A fine timepiece will not go out of trend, and even if it isn't worn all the time, it will be treasured.

The idea is not to give him a watch that he can wear every day since you don't want it to last only fifty or sixty years. This is a timepiece you will pass on to your children, who will hopefully pass it on to their children. Moreover, leather-strapped pocket watches for weddings will not go out of fashion at all.

You must make your own good memories by the selection of gifts you will exchange. As a result, the most popular watch that a bride purchases for her groom is the a groom pocket watch. Therefore, this is not a watch you will find in your neighbourhood department shop or chain. This is a timepiece designed to be historically significant. It is a watch that will inspire others ideally in the same way that the narrative preceding it inspired me.

Groom holding gold Brelsen pocket watch

What are the rules for buying pocket watches for weddings?

I will only focus on just two ideas to pick a groom pocket watch your groom will like, almost as much as you, in an effort to save you time and energy because I am sure you will have plenty of other things to plan for your coming wedding.

  1. If you choose gold, make certain it is solid

If your ring was gold-plated, it goes without saying that you would have been declined. So, gold plating does, in fact, begin to fade after a given period of use. Further, it takes a lot of work to get rid of the ugly green-like hue. It simply isn't worth it at all. So, don't worry if you can't afford real gold; most of us can't either. Just stick to less expensive metals like stainless steel.

  1. Make it tiny and uncomplicated

Focus on watches that go with any ensemble, whether it's chinos and a button-down for a garden party or a dinner jacket for the opera. Moreover, concentrate on hues rather than colours. A dial-in white or cream is easier to match than one in blue or copper.

Similarly, while many people believe a black dial to be elegant for evening wear, it can look cheap if the groomsmen's pocket watch isn't very special. So, let us keep with white as a base colour because this is a wedding, not a funeral.

Look no farther than the wedding pocket watch collection for all your accessory needs, whether you are getting married yourself or joining someone else's big day. So, a groomsmen pocket watch is an ideal complement to a formal suit and tie, instantly adding elegance and sophistication to your appearance.

You may choose a range of styles and colours to match your outfit as well. Therefore, for a traditional look, go with a gold pocket watch, or for a more modern look, you can look at silver pocket watches for weddings.

Pocket watch: a wedding gift

Pocket watches for weddings are not only a great touch to a wedding day ensemble, but it also makes a great present. Either you are a bride shopping for a groom's gift or perhaps you are a groom in need of a groomsmen pocket watch present for your groomsmen or the father of the bride?

The ideal wedding gift is an engraved groom pocket watch. So, choose from a pre-engraved design or an engravable pocket watches for weddings and customize the present with your own inscription.

What is the best way to wear a pocket watch for weddings?

Is there any way to tell the time that is more complicated than a pocket watch? The finest groomsmen pocket watches do a lot more than keep time. They are living reminders of horology's fascinating history, as well as a long-standing symbol of taste and class.

Pocket watches for weddings are not only incredibly stylish, but they also provide an excellent conversation topic, making them ideal for slipping out at dinner parties to fascinate other guests. Whether you are a watch collector or not, you can't help but be enthralled by these mechanical masterpieces.

Exploring the world of groomsmen pocket watches, however, is not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of options out there, as well as a lot of terminologies to get your head around.

So, if you are thinking about purchasing one of these incredibly unique timepieces, you will need some inspiration and assistance to get you started.

Types of pocket watches

If you are looking for budget-friendly, vintage, luxury and modern, retro and minimalist or something that can become a beloved family heirloom, here is a rundown of the greatest pocket watches for weddings on the market today.

  • Royal Gold Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch

The first on our list is this Royal Gold Double Hunter Mechanical Pocket Watch for weddings, which is a wonderful piece of horology for several reasons.

To begin with, there is a striking skeleton dial, which is very remarkable. It offers a complete view of the complex inner workings. You will adore the contrast between the internal mechanics and the sleek case as well.

Secondly, Brelsen watchmakers are recognized for producing adaptable and appealing timepieces with rigorous attention to detail. Meanwhile, the groom pocket watch is not any exception.

Finally, it has a mechanical movement, which is necessary for any serious watch collector. While quartz watches are practical, nothing compares to a mechanical watch's long history and legacy.


  • To my groomsmen” bronze pocket watch

This bronze pocket watch is an outstanding timepieces. Therefore, timepieces of this Brelsen are regarded for being extremely accurate, elegantly stylish, and long-lasting. Therefore, groomsmen's pocket watch is no exception—except for the price tag, which is very enticing.

This is an attractive design in a cool silver tone that is both classic and contemporary in appearance. Further, you also receive a synthetic sapphire crystal dial window for this price, which is a scratch-resistant choice.

This is a hunter pocket watch for weddings, which means the face is covered by a lid. Similarly, this is fantastic for safeguarding your timepiece while also allowing you to open it with style in front of onlookers.



  • Retro bronze roman quartz pocket watch

As one of the world's most renowned luxury watchmakers, Brelsen is known for its dedication to design perfection and technical brilliance, so its no surprise that the unique timekeeping accessory is a pocket watch that you can wear in your waistcoat or jacket.

There is no greater material for creating a feeling of a high-end luxury than yellow gold—in this case, 18-carat—with all of its power and prestige connotations.


  • Engraved bronze mechanical demi pocket watch

This engraved bronze timepiece is ideal for those who are looking for a basic, simplistic groomsmen pocket watch. However, what looks to be minimalist on the surface is far from it.

With the cover on, this engraved bronze groom pocket watches look basic and easy, but once you open it, the inside mechanisms are on full display, showing a watch with remarkable inner mechanics on full display. You get a double display because both the front and back cases are open. Therefore, skeleton watches are the ultimate expression of technical proficiency and beauty.

Nonetheless, this groom pocket watch has a stylish and subtle overall look. Similarly, this is an excellent choice for individuals seeking light and airy atmosphere. 


  • Bronze analog quartz demi pocket watch

This is the ideal pocket watch for individuals who want something tiny and easy to slip into their front pocket. Moreover, Brelsen is known for producing high-end watches with excellent craftsmanship at affordable rates.

This pocket watch is a masterclass in understated elegance. It sends a subtle signal of the wearer's taste and style thanks to its cool and current color, which is a great alternative to more apparent and ostentatious gold.

This bronze analog pocket watch is the ideal dress watch, and it would look great with a black tie, cocktail wear, white tie, or even a casual suit if you want yourself to look different from others.


  • To my son” lion bronze pocket watch

This pocket watch from Brelsen is a well-known and well-established luxury watch brand which is great. The company began by designing and manufacturing pocket timepieces, and this model exemplifies the company's extensive experience in the industry.

In addition to the main dial, this pocket watch contains a seconds subdial. It has been hand-finished, which entails a variety of minor tweaks to improve its usefulness and beauty. The dial is simple, clean, and white, with gold numerals added. Meanwhile, the case is dust and humidity-resistant.


  • Mechanical full hunter roman pocket watch

Purchasing a high-quality pocket watch is a bit of a treat. After all, you aren't in desperate need of it. It's more of a special occasion purchase, but one that will offer you a lot of joy. As a result, you might not want to spend a lot of money on a pocket watch.

Fortunately, there are some excellent budget-friendly pocket watches available. Brelsen’s silver timepiece is an excellent example of it.

This pocket watch has a skeleton dual-sided dial and is made of stainless steel, which is minimal maintenance and tarnish-resistant. This dual exhibition case gives you a clear glimpse of the interior mechanism, and we guarantee you will become captivated by watching it function.


  • Dad engraved bronze pocket watch

While most people buy groom pocket watches because they express a feeling of tradition and heritage, fantastic modern pocket watches are also available on the other hand.

Some of the fascinating groomsmen pocket watches, in fact, have a futuristic look. This bronze pocket watch, which has a marvellous display with a chain, is an example of an ultra-modern spin on the classic pocket watch style.



Aside from a groom’s wedding band and possibly a set of cuff links, a man's watch is the only piece of jewellery he will ever wear. A lady will wear earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces, pendants, and other jewellery, whereas a male will keep things simple and manly, allowing his watch to become the window into his soul.

My son spends a lot of time browsing through my watch collection as I tell him stories about the watch he treats like a priceless artefact. However, my passion for watches has rubbed off on him, and he has started his own tiny collection, which will grow with him and hopefully pass down to his children as well.