5 things you need to know before buying a pocket watch

The ultimate symbol of classical watchmaking excellence is the pocket watch. Even though they are somewhat obsolete in today's world, Brelsen pocket watches are still a terrific way to make a statement. Moreover, there are numerous factors to consider while purchasing a pocket watch. These accessories must be tailored to the wearer's specific preferences and needs.

As a result, before selecting their ideal pocket watch, each collector must assess their individual requirements. Even hundreds of years after its invention, pocket watches are still a mainstay of any watch collection. So, if you're looking for a pocket watch, keep reading for the list of five things to think about when shopping.


Brelsen Gold Pocket Watch

1. Buying a pocket watch from a well-known manufacturer or brand is always a good idea.

Watches from a reputed manufacturer, like many other investment items, are more durable and of higher quality. Therefore, collectors should always buy pocket watches from a reputable brand to ensure that they may be returned for maintenance and repairs if necessary.

The best movements and materials are used by well-known brands to ensure the watches' lifespan and dependability. So, these characteristics are critical in pocket watches for sale since they aid in the wearer's punctuality.

Brelsen mechanical pocket watches for men

Brelsen is a well-known brand in the watchmaking business. Since our inception, our company has been producing pocket watches, giving it a wealth of knowledge in the field. Moreover, a double hunter pocket watch is this style.

This means that each side of the watch has a hinged cover. The dial contains a cut-out in the centre that allows the wearer to see the movement inside. For a sumptuous look, this model's casing is comprised of gold PVD plated stainless steel.

  • It is vital to select an appropriate type of movement.

Hand-wound mechanical movements have always powered pocket watches. This is due to the fact that these were the first movements utilised in pocket watches for sale. Further, hand-wound movements are becoming popular for giving the wearer a sense of tradition.

They make them feel as if they're working with a piece of watchmaking history. Nowadays, collectors have a lot more options because of the invention of automated and quartz movements. Meanwhile, different types of movements are more suited to different lifestyles. Thus it's crucial for a wearer to examine their individual requirements.


Pocket Watch | Retro bronze roman quartz

A full hunting pocket watch with a traditional Retro Bronze Quartz movement. The exquisite black face of this traditional men's accessory is contained within a white, Roman numeral dial with a slim little red analogue inner ring. The front and rear cases are polished to a lustrous sheen, and the front and back cases effortlessly release to expose the one-of-a-kind face.

Movement: Precise Quartz movements

Material: Stainless steel


Complex Brelsen Mechanical Pocket Watch Movement

2. Some pocket watches are extremely ornate, while others are quite plain.

The degree of adornment on a pocket watch is totally dependent on the wearer's own preferences. Similarly, when a pocket watch is taken from the pocket to check the time, some collectors prefer it to be a very ornamental piece that can be proudly displayed.

Others want a more straightforward finish with a hint of nuance. Meanwhile, when buying a pocket watch, the collector must choose according to their own style and preferences; thus, there are no conventional recommendations.

  • Engraved bronze mechanical demi pocket watch

Handcrafted engraved mechanical timepiece with a classic bronze finish. It's appropriate for every occasion and goes with any suit style or material. An elaborate skeleton face is contained within a black, roman numeral dial on this traditional men's accessory.

For a stunning appearance, the inner movement is a contrasting gold tone. The dazzling brilliance of the front half hunter and back engraved casings is enhanced by the smooth release of the unusual face.

A collector should think about the best material for their pocket watch.

When purchasing a pocket watch for sale, a collector should evaluate what material would be suitable for their own lifestyle, like decorative aspects. Stainless steel, for example, is a long-lasting material. A gorgeous gold case, on the other hand, maybe preferred by others.

The disadvantage of this lovely metal is that it is a little delicate and thus easily scratched. Further, the best material for pocket watches for sale depends completely on how the owner intends to utilize their device.



Mechanical | Double Hunter Skeleton | Silver | Pocket Watch

Stainless steel is used to make this double hunter mechanical pocket watch. Further, the watch will be durable and long-lasting thanks to this tough material. Moreover, these are key characteristics in pocket watches for sale, which are frequently passed down to generations.

The dial will be protected from knocks and scratches by the full hunter cover, making it even more durable. The watch's front cover unfolds to show a skeleton dial. Further, this allows the wearer to appreciate the inner workings of the hand-wound movement. On the other hand, for a classic look, the crown is placed at 12 o'clock on the watch.


3. It is vital to evaluate which type of pocket watch is ideal for the collector

    Open face, half hunter, full hunter, and double hunter are the four main types of pocket watches for sale. Moreover, there is no cover on the open face, but the half hunter has a cover with a window.

    A hinged cover protects the dial from bumps and scratches on the whole hunter. Therefore, the double hunter features a hinged cover on both sides that allows you to see the action from every aspect. Similarly, various types of pocket watches will appeal to different people; therefore, the decision is entirely based on personal taste.


    Black Roman Steam Punk | Quartz Denim | Half Hunter | Pocket Watch | 1092

    This half hunter pocket watch is made of black roman steam punk. This indicates that the dial is protected by a hinged cover. Therefore, the cover has a small transparent glass on the front that allows the wearer to check the time without having to open it.

    The dial has a centre and a white outer edge. Moreover, simple black Roman numerals appear on the white section. Further, hand-wound mechanical movement is housed in the casing, which is made of black roman steam punk stainless steel.

    • Pocket watches can be worn in several different styles

    Both men and women have worn pocket watches in the past. For ease and flair, people have dressed these timepieces in a variety of ways. These watches are generally worn on a chain by men to keep them secure in their pockets. It was previously customary for women to string pocket timepieces onto a chain and wear them around their necks.

    The manner a pocket watch is worn can be adjusted and toyed with to represent one's particular style. So, when purchasing a pocket watch, it is vital to evaluate whether it has a chain or an attachment to ensure that it can accommodate the desired style.


    Silver analog quartz engraved demi pocket watch for men

    Half hunter pocket watch with traditional Silver Quartz movement. The exquisite white face of this vintage accessory is contained within a white Arabic numeral dial. The front and back opening cases have been polished to a lustrous sheen, and they readily open to expose the one-of-a-kind face. On the front, there are stunning engravings and a characteristic half hunter casing.

    A stainless-steel chain completes this style, allowing it to be securely fastened to the attire it is worn with. Moreover, a different type of chain might be added to the watch to enable it to be worn around the neck with some ingenuity. Further, the conventional dial is encased by a sterling silver case with a lovely engraved design.


    Precious metals used in Brelsen Pocket Watches

    4. Some collectors may want their pocket watch to be made of precious metals.

      Precious metals offer premium things a one-of-a-kind feel. These metals are only used in the most essential and distinctive timepieces and items of jewellery to give the wearer a sense of importance. Furthermore, the use of precious metals in pocket watches is common to emphasise the item's uniqueness.

      The precious metals also ensure that the timepieces will last for years, allowing them to be passed down to your generations. Further, cases for pocket watches for sale are occasionally plated in yellow or rose gold or are fully composed of silver.


      Brelsen Double Hunter Royal Gold Pocket Watch 

      This stainless-steel double hunter pocket watch is royal gold plated. Moreover, royal gold has become extremely fashionable in recent years, making it a very modern and stylish metal. Therefore, the contrast between the classic pocket watch style and the new, sleek metal is pleasing to the eye. Further, a hand-wound mechanical movement is visible through the dial and powers the watch.

      • Some pocket watches come with extra functions or complications.

      Wristwatches have complications all the time, while pocket watches for sale have significantly fewer. Therefore, some collectors love their watches to have a unique twist, so they will go out of their way to find one. Although the complications found in pocket watches are not particularly complicated, they do give some lovely detail to the face.

      Some collectors, on the other hand, believe that the beauty of pocket watch dials lies in their simplicity. Similarly, these people would want a more straightforward dial. The decision is solely based on personal preference. Meanwhile, when purchasing a pocket watch, complications should be taken into account.


      Bright silver roman quartz pocket watch

      A full hunting pocket watch with a classic Bright Silver Quartz movement. This classic timepiece has a sleek little red analogue inner ring and an exquisite black face surrounded within a white Roman numeral dial. The front and back opening cases have been polished to a lustrous sheen, and they readily open to expose the one-of-a-kind face.


      Brelsen Black Skeleton Pocket Watch

      5. A collector should think about if they want a skeleton dial in their pocket watch.

        In recent years, skeleton dials have been a highly popular addition to the aesthetic. Therefore, collectors appreciate looking at the intricate and powerful movements that keep their timepieces ticking.

        So, some people, on the other hand, like a pocket watch with a basic dial that does not detract from the aesthetic simplicity of the design. Therefore, the decision to have a skeleton dial, as with wristwatches, is a personal one. Pocket watches for sale are a fantastic way to show off your particular flair as well.


        • Sleek silver analog Quartz Pocket Watch 

        A full hunting pocket watch with a typical Sleek Silver Quartz movement. A basic white face is contained within a white, Analog numbered dial in this classic men's accessory. Moreover, the front and back opening cases are polished to a lustrous sheen, readily releasing to show the one-of-a-kind face that is ideal for personal engraving.

        Personal preference will determine whether you go for a vintage or modern look

        Some watch enthusiasts choose older timepieces because of their timeless and classic appeal. Others, on the other hand, desire something sleeker and more contemporary.

        Both of these approaches offer advantages, but neither is superior to the other. So, this choice is solely based on personal preference. Furthermore, buying a pocket watch might be intimidating, so a collector should always choose the one that is right for them.


        • Retro bronze mechanical demi pocket watch

        The bronze colour of this vintage mechanical watch is timeless. It's appropriate for every occasion and goes with any suit style or material. An elegant skeleton face is wrapped within a bronze, Analog numbered dial on this traditional men's accessory. For a stunning appearance, the inner movement is a contrasting gold tone. The dazzling brilliance of the front half hunter and back engraved case is enhanced by the simple release of the distinctive face.

        Movement: Mechanical hand wind

        Material: Stainless steel

        A 17 jewel, 11-3/4 ligne, 3 hand mechanical movement powers the watch. Equipped with a 21,600bhp escapement and a 40-hour power reserve.