6 Ways to Wear a Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are a special, timeless accessory that are perfect for many occasions and the ideal meaningful gift. But how do you wear a pocket watch? Wearing pocket watches are somewhat of a lost art, and many people today wear thing in improvised ways, some even wear them around the neck, like a charm or pendant. Now we are not saying that these ways of wearing a pocket watch are wrong, as pocket watches are personal things that should express the individual. But here are 6 traditional ways to wear a pocket watch.

Essentially all the different ways a pocket watch can be worn revolves around Prince Albert and the various different ways he wore his pocket watch. Since then there have been a few other additional styles that have evolved. Because of this the different styles are reffered to as "Albert" and in generally the term "Alberts" refers to a traditional Albert pocket watch chain. 



1. Double Albert

 Double Albert


The Double Albert is perhaps the most recognizable and traditional way to wear a pocket watch. The pocket watch is placed in one pocket and the chain is passed through the adjacent waistcoat pocket across the waist coat and into the opposite pocket. Typically weighed down by a fob, or simply attached to the pocket using a clasp or even simply weighed down by the T bar on the end of the chain.



2. Double Albert with Drop

Double Albert with Drop


The Double Albert with Drop is just like the standard Double Albert but with the addition of a Drop. This "Drop" is basically a pendant or fob that was popularized by Prince Albert and typically comes in the form of a coin. Here the fob is attached to the specially built bit of extra chain, that drops down from the waistcoat button.



3. Fob Drop

Fob Drop


 The fob drop of simply fob is a very simple and elegant way to wear the pocket watch. You simple attach a fob, in the form of a coin or pendant that matches your suit and/or pocket watch, to the end of a straight forward pocket watch chain. You then simply place your pocket watch inside your waistcoat pocket and let a small bit of the chain and fob to hang outside the pocket.



4. Single Albert

Single Albert


The single Albert is perhaps the most commonly used way to wear a pocket watch today. It does not require a pendant or fob (which many see as over stated) and is a simple look to achieve. Simply attach the end of the pocket watch chain to the adjacent waistcoat button, close the waistcoat and then pop your pocket watch into your pocket. Job done!



5. Single Albert with Drop

Single Albert with Drop


The Single Albert with Drop combines the simplicity of the single Albert and the sophistication of the "Drop". This look can be achieved with a special single Albert chain that has an extra bit of chain after the T-bar. Or it can also be achieved using a standard chain, but simply wrapping the chain around midway round the waistcoat button. Closing the waistcoat and then attaching the fob to the end of the chain. The pocket watch, of course, is in the pocket.



6. Single Albert with Half Drop

Single Albert with Half Drop


Last but not least is the single Albert with half drop. "Half drop" here meaning having the fob hang half way across the single Albert chain. This can be achieved in two ways depending on the clasp on the fob. Either by passing the chain through the fob first and then affixing it like you would on a single Albert. Or if the clasp allows, but simply clipping on the fob after you have set up a single Albert chain.


Needless to say no pocket watch look is complete without a three piece suit to match the occasion. Although pocket watches can be worn casually with a pair of jeans, we highly recommend a tweed suit for that traditional look. For a great range of British tweed suits we recommend our friends over Abitto.


That's it! These are the six ways you can wear a pocket watch. There may be other ways out there that we are not aware of, if so please get in touch and let us know about them. We hope you have found this article useful, if so please share it on social media using the share links on the side.  




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