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Homest review

Watch ordered. Arrived quickly. Great engineering. Well done and thank you

Gold pocket watch!

Real nice piece, my son will be very happy 😊

A little keepsake

I bought this as a liitle token for my husband to compliment a very stylish suit he had recently purchased to attend his son's wedding I feel sure he will be very happy with this as I am going to give it to him on the day of the wedding as a little surprise

Great product

I was extremely happy with this product. My son also loved it when he received it as a keep sake for his 16th birthday. We love the quality!

Good product

works great, but with tiny imperfections

the watch arrived fast and works fine, but there are some annoyances for such a low priced watch, such as;
the spring on the opening mechanism is quite strong and is painful to open with large fingers
the size is a tiny bit smaller than expected
the front of the watch opens to around 90 degrees yet it is still difficult to read on certain circumstances
the cover of the pocket watch is quite pronounced therefore rendering the watch nearly impossible to read if not seen dead on without opening

apart from these, the watch is still a great buy if you ever wanted to get into collecting pocket watches but still on a budget.
also i could find listings of this exact watch for cheaper on other sites with a quick google, but i believe they do not feature the same quality.

it's a very nice pocket watch... I highly recommend this as it's a wonderful gift

I have not received my watch..

Really pleased! Bought four as gifts

Really nice looking pocket watches! Really pleased with the price and the service from Brelsen! Haven’t given them yet, but expecting recipients the love them too!

Silver Analog Quartz Engraved Demi Pocket Watch

Attractive timepiece

Given to our son as a graduation present; he now wears it daily. We were a little disappointed that when he opened it, a part was loose (so we aren't so sure about what vigorous testing goes on before the item is shipped) but we were able to sort this ourselves, very quickly.


Bought as a Birthday gift. The receiver was highly delighted. Superb quality. Fast delivery. Would definitely recommend.

Fantastic watch.

very good quality , looks great.

Tribute to my Grandfathers

I don't mind winding this watch every morning. My Grandfathers did it, and even though I have automatic watches, I don't mind. It puts me in mind of a time when there was "time" to take your watch out of your pocket to learn what time it is. I check it particularly when I have someone come to me with yet another "urgent" request. Maybe they get the message, maybe they don't. I don't care, I made my point, if only to myself (most likely - they're all too busy doing the impossible: human multitasking). Precious gift in today's "do everything for everyone yesterday" world.


I was shocked for the price difference 😳

Pocket Pleasure

This piece is gorgeous and my son-in-law loves it, especially with a special message engraved.

Leather strap

My husband was very happy with the leather strap to put his pocket watch in. It will keep it secure and not in his pocket (with the 900 other random items like screws, coins, matches, keys, etc.!)

My husband loved the pocket watch

Beautifully presented in a box

My double Hunter

Bought for my daughters wedding just to add a bit of class to the suit , and when the party is over and we’re all done and dusted a momento for my son to remember the day and for his future use , as it looks the part I’m well chuffed with it ... thanks...

Loved it!

Bought this as a gift for my partner and it perfect!

"To My Husband" Silver Pocket Watch


I was very pleased with this beautiful pocket watch, it is for my sons 40th birthday in August. Something very special to keep forever and a brilliant price

"To My Son" Gold Pocket Watch

Writing is hard to read. It's not engraved very well.

Pocket watch

I gave a pocket watch to my husband for our 25th anniversary. The look of joy on his face was priceless! He loves it!